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Wai'iti Botanicals is a 3 acre aroma farm, located on the North Shore of Kauai, Hawaii. We promote self love and offer many tools to achieve it! Package deals being one of those tools. Check out what we have to offer to help keep costs down.

Hydrosol Sampler

Try our Hydrosol Sampler Package! It contains 5 bottles of artisan crafted scents all from our farm here at Wai'iti Botanicals.

Fern Leaves


Soap Sampler

Try our Soap Sampler Package! It contains 3 soaps blended with scents from around our farm, 1 loofah, and a surprise gift from us at Wai'iti Botanicals.

Banana Leaves


Wet Leaves


Self Care Package

Get a shipment full of fresh goodies, from us here at Wai'iti Botanicals, to help relax you when needed and wake you up when needed.

Green Leaves


DIY Theme

Coming soon.

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