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Wai'iti Botanicals is a 3 acre aroma farm located on the North Shore of Kauai. We are a destination farm loaded with tons of epic things to experience. We promote self love and offer many tools to achieve it!

Wai'iti Botanicals is committed to raising awareness about the environment that nurtures us all.  Wai'iti is the brainchild of Carmencita Durney  who has been making handmade soap since 1990s and began growing luffas in 2010.  Growing luffas and the art of soap making & perfumery naturally has remained unchanged for 100's of years.  Handmade soap is good for the skin &  it´s good for the environment too.  Ask the fish; they´ll thank you for not using harsh detergents that contaminate our water.  We all are biodegradable eventually, why fill the landfill?

Wai iti literally means little water. Wai: the substance responsible for life and a clean world! We are all little water. Alone we are small but collectively we make one bigger drop. 

When we use good quality artisan products we cultivate a relationship with ourselves. Come enjoy yourself and make botanical skin food treats with us!