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experiene the Vitality of plants

Indulge in an Adventure of SCENT!

​Whether you are an experienced crafter or new to exquisite botanical creations, we want to help your botanical desires come to fruition. Come harvest and distill your very own scent of adventure with us! 

Extract with us! Craft plants you have always wanted to grow yourself and yearn to smell. Come learn and experience the plants you have chosen.

HARVEST and PROCESS your very own Scent of Adventure.

Experience the Allure of Single Origin.

Because of our small size, we are dedicated to "craft growing" projects. "Craft growing" means growing specific cultivated plants with a high level of care to produce high quality products in small quantities. 

Every year we plant aromatics for enthusiasts to smell and process into their own botanical creations. 

​Come nourish your scent of adventure!

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