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Only 1 week left in 2018!

Updated: May 10, 2019

I have decided to commit to the creation of a social media platform presence dedicated to our home farm business here in the 96714.

loving breathing skin--plant food relationship
giving & receiving fragrance of pogostem cablin

Smelling seems to be such a simple function.Breathing in & Breathing out. What is the plant person connection? Breathing in, of course, relates to smell. Breathing out, as we all know, directly feeds the plants. Breathing out is like plant food. We know it viscerally, but when we breathe out, do we think of the plants? Often times, we are not generously pressing out our breathe to the ethos revering the plants, our evolutionary companions who saturate us with color. We see on earth the hues of green through plants! And there are so many shades of green, like this gold green pictured below.

smelling the seeds of love
who knows nose! or wait is it who nose knows

Imagine Breathing Out and consciously feeding the plants

Not every single breathe,

Imaging a place of total consciousness is not possible at all times. I actually hold my breathe a lot. My sister would see me with the reddest face when we would be doing sports and laugh her buttons off! "You're not breathing," she'd say. I stay so focused I forget to breathe! This might be why I so desperately love the ocean and plants. They remind me to breathe!

Plants give us decadent air and exquisite aroma to revel within our inner glory.

Aroma: revel in its inner glory

vanilla orchid forest
every time I see this orchid I can smell it's rich heady vanilla scent

In a greenhouse it might be easier to feel: a true relationship with us and plants. In a forest, with huge trees hovering overhead feel the heavy air thick with plant adaptogens. We smell plant aroma & humans make aroma too. Smell yourself! Self awareness is one of the most interesting thing these days. Empower yourself and your message will flow into your conscious goals effortlessly.

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