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Purveyor of Fresh Fragrance: what it means

Updated: May 10, 2019

Here at Wai'iti Botanicals #sluff , we use plants to create all sorts of amazing things. Our pursuit of the adventure in Scent began with people & plants.

Carmencita aroma hut
me in my aroma hut

The Beginning: It all started with Soap & Luffa

We are gearing up for 2020. Websites are a thing of the present.

We plan to add lots of media to our posts!

This is going to be very enjoyable because:

  • Kauai where we live is one of the most amazing places in the world for media!

  • Experience our educational platform

  • Come check out and sniff around virtually with our amazing media collection


We are going to learn to love to #hashtag! I recently learned that most children don't recognize the pound sign as named such. They call the # a hashtag. #goodbye20thcentury ! We will use hashtags as a great way to search through this blog! Enjoy! #mahalo

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